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Exploring Blackmer’s Cavitation Line of Sliding Vane Pumps

Blackmer is a top pump manufacturer that is always pushing the envelope. Over the years, they’ve brought us numerous innovations that have helped revolutionize the pump industry. One of their most notable concepts has been sliding vane technology.   Blackmer’s sliding vane technology maintains consistent flow rates over long periods because the design allows the […]

Extend Pump Life with These Mechanical Sealing Options

Mechanical seals prevent leaks and the introduction of contaminants between a pump’s rotating shaft and the pump casing. There are many different styles of mechanical seals. They come in all sorts of sizes and configurations to work with different pumps and fluid media. Some are rather simple in design, while others are much more complex. […]

The Advantages of Pumping in Series

Several solutions are available when an application demands higher head than just one standard pump can handle. One option is to replace the pump with a larger, heavier duty model. This certainly makes sense from a performance standpoint. However, the bigger the pump, the higher the cost. Is that kind of upgrade in your equipment […]

What Seal is Best for Cryogenic Temperatures?

Cryogenics involves the study of how matter behaves at extremely low temperatures. In some cases, these temperatures might approach absolute zero as liquefied gasses, refrigerants, coolants, low-temperature hydrocarbons and other cryogenic liquids are used to create very cold environments with stable chemical reactions.   The Challenges of Cryogenic Sealing One of the biggest challenges in […]

What Effects Does Internal Clearance Have on Bearing Life?

When it comes to maintaining a bearing and maximizing its lifespan, internal clearance is an important factor to understand. If the clearance isn’t right, bearings will not perform efficiently and they will wear out more quickly.   What is Internal Clearance? First, it pays to understand what internal clearance represents. In essence, it is the […]

How to Handle Cavitation in Your Application

Cavitation is a serious concern for pump operators. It occurs when miscalibration or other problems cause the formation and subsequent implosion of vapor bubbles within a pump. Cavitation can happen anywhere the pressure of a process liquid falls below it’s ideal vapor pressure.   Why is Cavitation a Problem? When cavitation occurs, it can do […]

Improving the Performance of Your Motor Drive

Pump technology continues to advance with innovative engineering and the development of specialized equipment to handle specific applications and pump processes. One of the biggest areas where operators can gain efficiency is the pump motor. The motor drive is the heartbeat of any piece of equipment. When it is properly configured, customized, operated and maintained, […]

6 Practices to Help You Manage Leaks More Efficiently

If you have a leak in your pump system, it’s bad news. Whether it’s a leaking valve, pump housing, connector or pipe, there are many concerns that will arise. First, it’s bad for equipment, which is not going to run efficiently. This leads to lost productivity and increased downtime to make repairs. Second, it’s bad […]

Compression Packing Failure: How to Assess the Problem

Compression packing has been around just about as long as mechanical pumps have existed. This process is still used in today’s equipment to prevent loss of process fluids into the environment. Like most things in the industrial pump world, compression packing is not without challenges. If components aren’t monitored, maintained and repaired as needed, compression […]

The Best Submersible Pumps for Harsh Environments

Though you may use a submersible pump for any number of applications, they often shine the most in challenging environments. Submersible pumps are specifically designed to deal with harsh situations like mines, sewers and other inhospitable places. Every challenging environment brings with it a unique set of needs. Every operation will be a little different. […]

How to Prevent Valve Noise and Flow Damage

Most pump operators and piping system managers are most concerned about leaks and maintaining the desired flow rate. However, two other major issues are valve noise and damage from choked flow or cavitation. Our team at Cortech Engineering has put together a couple of tips you can incorporate into your operation that will help prevent […]

How High-Temperature Submersible Pumps Can Be a Smart Solution

High temperatures in the water systems of large commercial buildings and industrial operations can pose numerous challenges. Each building will have unique engineering considerations arising from features such as how the building is heated and how its hot water is generated. System components will vary if the building is fed from a regional steam plant […]