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SEEPEX Metering Pumps Deliver Precision

When you have viscous media, media containing solids and/or chemically corrosive media, you need a pump that can provide low pulsation and perform at consistently precise flow rates. Ideally, you want something that works dependably—down to the exact drop!   SEEPEX offers its incredible D line of metering pumps to achieve this kind of precision, […]

The Advantages of SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pumps

SEEPEX is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of progressive cavity pumps. They have been developing and producing innovative progressive cavity pumps, macerators and control systems since 1972 and the technology continues to evolve year after year. Their pumps are designed for market-specific applications and built for optimal performance.   Here are some of SEEPEX’s […]

SEEPEX Progressive Cavity Pump Technology

After operating a pump system for a long time, you are ultimately faced with a choice. As parts fail, you can keep replacing them with OEM parts or Moyno universal parts. Although the cycle of emergency repairs may work for a little while, eventually the downtime begins biting into profits. The longer you run a […]

The SEEPEX D Metering Pump for Advanced Chemical Metering

SEEPEX, Cortech Engineering’s long-standing product partner, has always been a leader and an innovator in the pump industry. SEEPEX is known for its exceptional pumps, and the D Metering Pump is no exception. When it comes to chemical processing applications, advanced metering pumps will provide you with several important advantages compared to regular pump systems. […]

SEEPEX Smart Air Injection for Long-Distance Pumping

SEEPEX, Cortech Engineering’s long-standing product partner, has always been a leader and an innovator in the pump industry. Today, they are continuing to change the game with their Smart Air Injection (SAI) system. It is the most effective system for long-distance pumping, ideal for many different industrial, commercial, agricultural and municipal applications.   A Powerful […]

Why Cleaning in Place (CIP) is Beneficial for Your Pump System

For those in the food processing industry, you may be familiar with the process of sanitizing a filling machine, also known as cleaning in place (CIP). CIP helps avoid bacterial contamination during the production of drinks meant for human consumption. Until recently, this process had to be done manually and it can be quite a […]

SEEPEX Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) Reduces Pump Maintenance

We’ve all heard of smartphones, smart TVs and even smart refrigerators. But did you know that there are now smart pumps? SEEPEX, an innovator in the pump industry and a proud product partner of Cortech Engineering, brings us smart pumps designed for various industrial applications.   One of their most innovative designs is their Smart […]

SEEPEX: Cortech Engineering’s Product Partner

At Cortech Engineering, we’ve worked with SEEPEX and their great line of products for many years. They are an excellent product partner and we are proud to represent their incredible pumps and pump accessories.   Company History SEEPEX began in Germany in 1972 and has expanded over the years. Now, they have warehouses, branch offices […]

Seepex: CS Progressive Cavity Pumps

Seepex pumps and accessories are some of the most popular products at Cortech Engineering. One of Seepex’s best pump series is the CS progressive cavity product group. These powerful and effective pumps are specifically designed for the food industry, with multiple uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries because of their specialized functionality and […]

The Advantages of Seepex Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)

The Seepex Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) pumps are among Cortech Engineering’s hottest selling products right now. It is a revolutionary system that leads to faster maintenance, shorter downtime and significantly reduced life cycle costs for progressive cavity pumps. It is internationally patented and has already won several awards.   Longer Service Life and Reduced Maintenance […]

It’s Time to Get a Seepex – Join Over 100 Local Customers

If something goes wrong with your pump, you need it up and running again right away. Problem is, many companies struggle to get you the parts you need on time. Deliveries are slow, rescheduled, or delayed with little to no explanation. And if you can get something quickly, it’s going to cost you an arm […]

Multiphase Pumping

Reprinted with permission from seepex, Inc. MULTIPHASE PUMPING Kamran Mirza Multiphase Pumping refers to the transfer of solids, liquids and gas from the well site to a processing station without separation through a single pipeline. The extremely high costs of installing and operating separation equipment at each well site and transferring it through multiple pipelines […]