DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

Improve Hygienic Food & Beverage Processing with SEEPEX Positive Displacement Pumps

Safety standards for food and beverage processing are already among the strictest of all industries, and the regulations seem to increase every year. Now, as the industry faces the COVID-19 threat, safe and sanitary food handling is more important than ever. When pumping beverages, viscous food slurries and solids, it’s imperative to have a pump […]

The Latest Tech in ANSI Pumps – PumpWorks ANSI Process Pump

Cortech Engineering is proud to offer the latest in ANSI technology: the Pumpworks GEN2  ANSI Process Pump. Featuring 25% more cooling than the GEN1 model and a 5-year unconditional power frame warranty, the PWA GEN2 ANSI Process Pump packs the upgraded features to help extend the life of your pump.   All new patent-pending frame […]

BJM RAD-AX Pump Technology Eliminates Wastewater Blockades

BJM Pumps is one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers that Cortech Engineering has had a longstanding product partner relationship with. They provide quality pumps and accessories that are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and municipal applications. BJM Pumps’ newest technology, the SKG Series with RAD-AX Dual Shredding, has created a buzz […]

Learn More About Our Product Partner, Unibloc-Pump

Unibloc-Pump is best known for its sanitary pumps, valves and strainers used in a variety of applications, including food processing, pharmaceuticals and chemical transfer. Their innovative pumps have durable construction and dependable performance. Quite simply, they provide some of the best pumps available on the market. Cortech Engineering is proud to have Unibloc-Pump as one […]

Seepex: CS Progressive Cavity Pumps

Seepex pumps and accessories are some of the most popular products at Cortech Engineering. One of Seepex’s best pump series is the CS progressive cavity product group. These powerful and effective pumps are specifically designed for the food industry, with multiple uses in the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and chemical industries because of their specialized functionality and […]

The Advantages of Seepex Smart Conveying Technology (SCT)

The Seepex Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) pumps are among Cortech Engineering’s hottest selling products right now. It is a revolutionary system that leads to faster maintenance, shorter downtime and significantly reduced life cycle costs for progressive cavity pumps. It is internationally patented and has already won several awards.   Longer Service Life and Reduced Maintenance […]

5 Water Treatment Solutions from Grundfos

There are a few problems that can arise during water treatment. The trick to solving them is knowing about them in advance and ensuring you have the equipment to get you through them successfully or avoid them altogether. Cortech offers many brands and a variety of equipment to help your water treatment application run smoothly. […]

Predict-Plus: Proactive Pump Health Monitoring

Predict-Plus is a new service from DXP Enterprises that offers proactive pump health monitoring. The continuous, 24/7 monitoring system is designed to track vibration and bearing temperature of your pump’s health. Tracking occurs remotely and sends data to the Predict-Cloud for storage and analysis. Predict-Cloud is a powerful tool in reducing costly maintenance and increasing […]

The Water Treatment Pump Solution

Cortech Engineering has had a longstanding product partner relationship with BJM Pumps, one of the world’s leading pump manufacturers. They provide quality pumps and accessories that are used in a wide variety of industrial, commercial and municipal applications. A Pressing Challenge BJM Pumps recently published a case study online about a major city’s water treatment […]

Blackmer GNX & GNXH Series Sliding Vane Pumps

In mid-March 2017, Blackmer announced the release of their new series of heavy-duty sliding vane pumps, known as the GNX and GNXH Series. These innovative new pumps represent the only alignment-free reduced speed positive displacement pumps available on the market. About Blackmer Blackmer is a part of PSG and a Dover company. They are well-known […]

Cortech Engineering is a KSB Distributor!

Cortech Engineering is proud to represent pumps and products from most of the world’s leading manufacturers. Our goal is to help our clients get the right equipment and guidance for their challenging industrial, municipal and commercial pumping applications. A Rich History Cortech is now an official distributor of KSB pumps and valves. KSB’s roots date […]