DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

How Versatile Are Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs)?

At one point, variable frequency drive (VFD) systems were primarily used for fixed pumping applications with permanent mounts. However, pump technology continues to evolve. VFDs are more advanced than ever, and the technology will only get more impressive. Variable frequency drives have become quite versatile. Their usage spans several industries and pump applications, including temporary […]

Go Sealless with ANSIMAG Pumps

ANSIMAG is a Sundyne brand, and they are one of the leading manufacturers of sealless magnetic drive pumps for chemical processing and other demanding fluid applications. There are numerous benefits to having a pump with a magnetic drive system and a sealless design. In addition, ANSIMAG pumps are specially lined with Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene (ETFE) to […]

4 of the Best Wine Pumps

At DXP Pacific, we work with wineries throughout California—from Napa Valley and Temecula to the Central Coast and Central Valley. Today’s winemakers know the right pumps can significantly streamline the production process and improve product quality.  Pump systems can be used for a variety of winemaking applications, including transfer of whole grapes, pumping of must, […]

Are You Ready to Feed The Beast?

The Beast is Sandpiper’s newest pump and it certainly lives up to its name. It is a heavy duty, clog-resistant valve pump designed to handle some of the most challenging fluid transfer applications. From chemicals to solids-bearing liquids, it can handle almost anything you feed it.  Key Design Features The Sandpiper Beast features 2-inch ports […]

3 Great AODD Pump Accessories

Air-operated double-diaphragm (AODD) pumps are known to be very versatile and reliable. They are utilized in many different industries and applications, including mining, water treatment, oil and gas, and food production. The goal of any pump operator is to keep the pump running efficiently with minimal downtime for repairs and maintenance.  Even the best AODD […]

Selecting a Pump for Sulfuric Acid Production

Sulfuric acid is sometimes known as the “king of chemicals” because it is the most widely used chemical in the world. It is used in many different industries and applications, including chemical processing, auto manufacturing, agriculture, petroleum refining and metal processing. It is a key part of the manufacturing chain of thousands of products consumers […]

Diamonds Are a Pump’s Best Friend: The Power of John Crane Diamond Technology

It was a true game-changer when John Crane started using diamond seal face technology on their mechanical seals in 2019. They have always been known for innovative and durable mechanical seal designs, but their Diamond technology has taken things even further. Since then, they have perfected the diamond-face design and applied it to a wide […]

Let Blackmer’s Innovation Work for You

As a leading manufacturer of positive displacement pumps, centrifugal pumps, and compressors since 1903, Blackmer products are used worldwide in a vast range of industries and applications.  Industries & Applications Blackmer’s primary market segments include liquid, gas, and chemical products. Some of the markets they serve are:            • Chemical Processing            • Oil & […]

Advantages & Disadvantages of a Vacuum Pump

Are you trying to decide between a diaphragm pump and a vacuum pump? If so, there are several issues you will need to consider. Vacuum pumps are great for certain applications, but not ideal for others. A diaphragm pump or some other sort of positive displacement pump might be a better solution.  How Does a […]

DXP Pacific Manufacturer Feature: Viking Pump, Inc.

An Iowa-based company that has been in business since 1911, Viking Pump, Inc. produces rotary positive displacement pumps. These pumps are used in a wide variety of industries and are suited for numerous pumping applications. History of Viking Pump, Inc. The origins of Viking Pump began when founder, Jens Nielsen, invented the first internal gear […]

Innovative Pumps and Valves from KSB

KSB, a pump manufacturer with both a rich history and a bright future, recently celebrated 150 years in business. From its humble roots in Germany to its now-global presence in many industries all over the world, the company is well known for quality products and innovative designs. Getting to Know KSB KSB was founded with […]

ODS Diaphragm Pumps Offer Simple Operation and Dependable Performance

FLSmidth and Krebs Engineers produce one of the best air-operated diaphragm pumps on the market, the ODS Pump. It manages a wide range of liquids and slurries, has a leak-free operation, and a sealless design. The ODS is built for long-lasting performance and heavy-duty processing applications. Many operators find the ODS diaphragm pump superior to […]