DXP Pacific Industrial Pumps

Meet Some of DXP’s Incredible Military Veterans

At DXP we’re all about hiring the right people for the job. We foster a company culture built on exceptional teamwork and camaraderie—an approach we like to call “DXPeople.” It is only natural military veterans have been integral to our organization throughout the years. We salute them for their courageous service to our country, and […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific—Nick West, Service Technician

Nick West is a Service Technician at our Bakersfield branch. He spends most of his days out in the field, working on repair orders, maintenance jobs and equipment installations for our clients. Nick also works in the shop as needed, applying his excellent mechanical knowledge and skills wherever he is needed. Finding and Fixing Problems […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific—Greg Scott, Projects Team Manager

Greg Scott has been an integral member of the DXP Pacific team since 2000, when he started his career with us as an applications engineer straight out of college. Today, he serves as a Projects Team Manager. This is a vital role in our company as he oversees a team of eight people and coordinates […]

The Faces of DXP: Traci De Luna, Office Manager

What truly sets DXP apart is our people. Our clients would agree, and so do our amazing employees. One such team member is Traci De Luna, Office Manager for Turbo DXP, based in the Bay Area. Getting the Job Done Traci joined Turbo Machinery Repair more than 12 years ago, assuming the role of Office […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Shawn Whalen, Senior Sales Engineer

Shawn Whalen recently celebrated his twentieth anniversary with Cortech DXP and was honored with a promotion he’d been hoping for: Senior Sales Engineer. Shawn has been one of Cortech’s top salespeople since joining the company two decades ago. Shawn services large customer accounts throughout California and Washington, with a special focus on the oil and […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Karen Deshler, Sales Engineer

Karen Deshler joined Cortech in 2013 and is one of the top sales engineers at Cortech’s home office in Anaheim. Karen was the number one salesperson in 2018 and received the sales excellence award in January 2020. She has received numerous sales awards and accolades during her time with the company. Experience and Passion Having […]

The Faces of Cortech DXP—Tim Porritt, Service Coordinator

Tim Porritt joined Cortech DXP two years ago and currently works as our lead Service Coordinator. He’s responsible for coordinating all service and repair jobs for our technicians, while also handling a lot of day-to-day administrative activities. These duties include ordering parts and invoicing all completed jobs.  In many ways, Tim is the glue that […]

The Faces of Cortech DXP—Trisha Jenkins, Customer Service Representative

Trisha Jenkins is one of several expert customer service representatives at Cortech DXP’s Anaheim office. She handles a wide variety of administrative duties as she interacts with the customers, sales and accounting staff, outside vendors, and service team members to coordinate jobs and place product and service orders. Trisha enters orders, completes invoices, and helps […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Christian O’Cana, Sales Engineer

In our ongoing “Faces of DXP Pacific” blog series, our goal is to share some of the incredible individuals who make up our company. They are the heart and soul of our business, and it’s because of our people that our clients have such trust in what we do. Meet Christian Today, we would like […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Mike Ash, Shop Manager

Mike Ash is the shop manager of DXP Pacific’s Anaheim branch. His dedication, experience, and mechanical knowledge make him an integral member of our service team. What Mike Does Mike oversees the company’s biggest repair and fabrication jobs, whether at the Anaheim shop or out in the field. The most challenging pump system installation, repair, […]

The Faces of DXP Pacific
Meet Lindsey Harless

As much as DXP Pacific is known for pumps, what really sets our company apart is our people. Throughout both of our California branches, we have built a strong culture thanks to the dedicated individuals who make up our team and their shared commitment to providing the best customer service possible. Meet Lindsey With that […]